Burgundy Falls

Wig : This wig is called Burgundy falls and this wig is a lacefront 

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If anyone doesn’t know what a lacefront wig is, instead of a normal wig hairline, were the stops at the front, it give it a more natural hairline and with it being a more natural hairline, front of the wig has a lacefront, which when you get the wig, has a couple of inches of lace from where the hairline stops. So with this you have to cut the lace off up to the hairline. 

This wig is a gorgeous wig! it goes from a lovely dark brown/pink to a pink/burgundy colour, I know it doesn’t like like the bottom part of the wig is the colour that i said. But it’s like anything, when a colour is outside it changes a little bit. 

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This is what the colour of the wig looks like inside, as you can see the colour of it does change. (these photo’s were taking about a year ago) 

This wig a a long wig, it’s about the same length as the other ones i have put up on my blog (about just passed boob length) considering that it’s a long wig and it’s very thick, it not heavy at all! it’s lovely and light and you can wear it all day. You can also tighten it so it fits to your head better. 

Company: Lushwigs 

Price: £42.99


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